A downloadable game for Windows

Prove to be the best captain in the open sea!

Deckhand is a resource-management sea skirmish simulator. Assign your crew to man the sails, the wheel, and the cannons. Unstationed crew will automatically repair your ship when damaged. Assigning more crew increases the effect of that station.


  • up/down - assign crew to sails (move faster with more crew)
  • left/right - assign crew to wheel (turn faster. turning on the opposite direction will unassign the crew until you're no longer turning)
  • 1, 2, 3, or 4 - assign crew to the cannons. space + 1, 2, 3, or 4 - unassigned crew from the cannons
  • 0 - unman all stations (useful when you need to repair)


Install instructions

Download the zip and run the executable


deckhand.zip 13 MB


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  1. Controls: At first I didn't understand how to move my ship at first but after a few seconds I figured it out
  2. Game Idea: I like the idea of assigning cream members to the different parts of the ship. I'm really impressed.
  3. Art: The art is simple and beautiful.

If it were a full game with more features and other players (multiplayer and stuff) it'll be even more awesome... 

It's really good... Good work guys!!! :D

thank you very much for your honest feedback!

and yes, the controls are quite a pain. people have difficulty figuring out where their crew members are.

Yeah. I had that problem too but I later figured it out.